Lillebæk & Co. east and west

Ølstykke (eastern location) :

In the eastern part of Denmark Lillebæk & Co. is located in Ølstykke west of Copenhagen a little to the north of Roskilde. This location has a large assembly hall with ceiling mounted lifts. Lift capacity (10 Tons), Forklift capacity (1,5-10 Tons). On this location you will also find the administration and bookkeeping.

In Ølstykke we handle packing of goods and glass blasting of even large elements in accordance with Danish and international standards, ISPM 15 and reg# DK-8030.

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Kolding (western location):

The western location is very well geographically located in the industrial area around Kolding close to the highway.  There is also sufficient lift capacity in Kolding, Lift (2 x 5 T.) and forklift capacity (6 Tons).

Kolding also handles packing of large elements of goods according to the ISPM 15 and the reg# DK-8036 standard.

Find Lillebæk & Co. in Kolding