Lillebæk & Co. has a lot of experience in customized packing of goods for transportation by ship, truck and aircraft.

Crates used for transportation by ship or aircraft will usually be airtight, but will off course depend on size and material in the crate.

Both locations have the possibility to handle packing of very large elements using the available forklifts or the ceiling mounted lifts.

Here below we have shown a few of the crates and the packing which we usually use.

This crate is the most commonly used for transportation. Here shown during manufacturing in eastern location, Ølstykke.

(Suitable for transportation by truck)

The crates with reinforced bottom make it possible to lift even very heavy elements directly by lift.

(Suitable for transportation by truck)

The closed crate ensures that the elements inside will arrive safely without any bumps or scratches.

(Suitable for transportation by ship)


Packing goods

This type of crate is very suitable for transportation of electrical parts. The aluminum foil will be airtight and protected against moisture inside.

(Suitable for transportation by ship, truck or aircraft)